• Introduction

    Our teachers' greatest effort is to train Dharmavijaya English Dhamma school students to embrace Buddhist philosophies and way of life. In addition, students are taught a graduated course in English translated from the Sinhala medium syllabus. We strongly believe that this is a good way for our children to develop gratitude towards Lord Buddha and to improve their English knowledge for their own betterment. We believe this will help our children to understand life and society and to spend better lives in the future.

    As a fast spreading philosophy around the world, information, discussions, sermons, and events on Buddhism are mostly shared and publicized on the Internet and the world wide web in the English language. In order to assimilate these wonderful pieces of knowledge and information, as well as, to ensure their accuracy and relevancy, we must be able to understand and communicate Buddhism in the English language. In fact, sharing of Buddhism around the World has become instantaneous with the support of such links. Dharmavijaya English Dhamma school was established to impart Dhamma in the English language to meet part of this need. Many prominent families residing in the area provided support to start the Dhamma School. At the beginning, there were only a few students, but with time, the number of Buddhist students have increased. The staff consists of teachers, who are well trained in the fields of English and Buddhism. In our Dhamma School, lack of proper textbooks in English medium has been a challenge for the teachers. However, the staff of the Dharmavijaya English Dhamma School has been able to translate the Sinhala syllabus into English and ignore the inconvenience. Therefore, this is an excellent and admirable task done by our staff with the guidance and facilitation of Rev. Kithulpe Ariyadhamma Thero.

    Our students sit for the common examination conducted by the Young Men's Buddhists' Association (YMBA), Sri Lanka and excel in it by gaining distinction and credit passes. Medals and certificates are distributed among deserving and talented students in order to appreciate their performance at the final examination conducted by our School. At the end of each grade, a valuable certificate is given to all the students. May the TRIPLE GEMS bless you all!